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Satisfying my inner journalist

When I was in high school, I decided that my university major would one day be journalism. Somewhere along the way, my choice of major changed to human resources… then accounting… then undeclared… and then marketing. But despite my flip-flopping … Continue reading

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Friday Favourite: Today’s Date

It’s November 30 and I have one blog entry for each and every day in November. Mission NaBloPoMo is complete and not a day too soon! Today’s Friday favourite will actually be three… Making it to this month in the … Continue reading

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Less Clutter, Less Noise

I’m a communicator both by nature and by grad degree. I find myself regularly studying communication strategies, critiquing design decisions and editing copy… and that’s just while looking at ads on the subway. One of my side projects is consulting … Continue reading

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Triple Christmas Decorating Score

November is almost over and thankfully that also means the end of NaBloPoMo. I’m quickly running out of inspiration so today I’m going to send you over to someone who is providing a fresh batch. My friend Heather is participating … Continue reading

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Morning Me

You would think that five years post-undergrad, I’d have the work morning routine down by now. I still find myself waking up, pressing snooze a few times, and then bleary-eyed making my way through my morning routine: Make bed (a … Continue reading

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Monday Mindfulness

Another Monday of creating positive emotions… here are a few of the things I’m thankful for today: Prairie Girl chocolate-chocolate cupcakes Friends to share great conversation, food and a trip to the Distillery District with Naps on the couch during … Continue reading

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I live in Toronto and the city has been caught up in Grey Cup fever of late. It has provided yet more proof that I don’t have brothers or a boyfriend and that my dad doesn’t care about sports: I … Continue reading

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