Friday Favourite: Christmas?

I have a firm “no Christmas activity until December 1″ rule.* I don’t even listen to Christmas music until December 23. Everything has changed this year… I have no idea what has gotten into me.

It all started last weekend when I agreed to attend the Santa Claus parade. I came home inspired to complete my Christmas card list. After that, I dug out my box of Christmas decorations. I had no intention of decorating yet but decided to dig out the box to be ready for when December rolls around. Very innocently, I opened it up to look at the decorations. Next thing I knew, my apartment was decorated for Christmas…. 2 weeks before December even began!

Now there seems to be no stopping me. Yesterday I bought Voortman Christmas cookies (another thing I usually would save for December). Today I stopped to buy cleaning supplies at Canadian Tire and found myself wandering the Christmas aisles, admiring all the decorations. Not only that, I bought something! And voila, this week’s Friday favourite. It’s so cute that I may have to start decorating in November every year. Seriously, what has gotten into me?!?

*I should note that the “not before December 1″ rule does not apply to Christmas shopping. I like to have that done by the end of October to avoid the Christmas pandemonium at the mall. You may now proceed to leaving comments accusing me of being Scrooge.

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One Response to Friday Favourite: Christmas?

  1. Heather M says:

    Oh my goodness! Love the peanuts nativity! Jealous that you went to the Santa Claus parade – that has been a childhood dream of mine for as long as I can remember!

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