Welcome to Toronto

I grew up less than an hour away from Toronto so I spent lots of time in the city. Since my mom worked downtown, I was very familiar with the downtown core and could navigate the often confusing underground PATH system by the time I entered high school. Since moving into the city for grad school and now my career, I’m discovering new areas of Toronto and have lots of new favourites. Whether you’re from Toronto, enjoy visiting, or are daydreaming of a Canadian getaway, I’m going to share some of top spots with you this week.

Now first things first: what’s a great trip to Toronto without some delicious eats? One of my top picks is Fresh – a vegetarian restaurant. Fresh offers a huge menu with everything from pancakes and made-to-order smoothies to a huge variety of veggie burgers and power bowls. My usual go-to at Fresh is the Thai burger with a side of sweet potato fries. When I ate at Fresh yesterday, I discovered a new favourite – the Beach bowl. I ordered the “baby” version and immediately regretted getting the small size because the dish was so delicious. If you want to re-create favourites at home, Fresh offers a cookbook and the Oh She Glows website also features some great Fresh-esque recipes.

My sweet tooth has lent itself well to finding some great dessert places in Toronto. I love gelato at Hollywood Gelato but my all-time favourite is ice cream so there’s no place like Dutch Dreams. Since I subscribe to a dairy-free diet, Dutch Dreams is a very occasional treat. This eclectic ice cream shop offers unique ice cream flavours on the most delicious cones you can imagine. They also top all of their cones with whipped cream and fresh fruit – perhaps to lessen the guilt? Word to the wise – a double scoop at Dutch Dreams is a quadruple scoop anywhere else so be prepared! (Again, my sweet tooth served me well on this one.)  Even the most discerning tastes love Dutch Dreams – some friends once spotted Katie Holmes and Suri here.

Need a caffeine fix? Look no further than Aroma Espresso Bar. Their lattes and hot

chocolate are simply the best and the menu also boasts a wide variety of coffees, teas and iced creations. They also offer fantastic eats – homemade soups, substantial salads, and sandwiches with toppings piled high on your choice of homemade bread.

Tomorrow we begin the tour of some of my favourite Toronto neighbourhoods. But in the mean time, what are your favourite Toronto eateries?

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3 Responses to Welcome to Toronto

  1. Shannon says:

    ooooh i LOVE aroma! Went there for dinner last night :)

  2. I was there last night as well! They relocated but not too far from where they originally were. Ice cream is still wonderful!

    For photos:


  3. michellelee501780153 says:

    I was there last night in their new location. Their Ice cream is still wonderfully delicious! I took several photos of their new place.

    For photos: http://www.hungrymichie.com/2014/03/dutch-dreams-2.html

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