Friday favourite: Exercise?

Remember how I dared myself to work out every morning before work? Well, there’s a reason that I’ve never updated on that dare. As Taylor Swift would say, morning workouts and I are “never ever ever getting back together”. I have a stronger love with something else – sleep!

Despite my lack of morning workouts, exercise and I are still on semi-familiar terms. Since moving into a condo a few months ago, I’ve taken advantage of the gym facilities. One of the gym’s features is a jam-packed schedule of group fitness classes. When I first moved in, I wanted to play the safe card and stick with my elliptical. But where’s the fun in that? So on a whim, I signed up for Zumba. I haven’t looked back since! Zumba is a workout of high-paced dance and it’s designed to be fun. This was quite a concept for me – I hate the gym and sometimes the only thing that gets me there is the cable TV. But with Zumba, I actually look forward to my workout. So it’s fully deserving of the Friday favourite label!

What’s not quite at Friday favourite level yet? Body Pump. If you want a workout where you sweat buckets, turn your arms into Jello and ache for a week, then Body Pump will be your Friday favourite in no time. Meanwhile, I’ll be popping an Advil and dreaming of Zumba.

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One Response to Friday favourite: Exercise?

  1. Shannon says:

    Great use of T-Swift! I looooove Zumba!

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