I Dare You

I’m often very good at being incredibly motivated. I’m also very good at being incredibly unmotivated.

I’m motivated in my job, in activities with others, in friendships and relationships, and in keeping things neat, clean and organized (lame, I know). I notice that I’m usually unmotivated when it’s something that just involves me. I very easily get down on myself, get lazy, and wonder “what’s the point?” So I’ll stay in bed instead of working out, spend a Saturday alone instead of venturing out to meet new people, let my Bible collect dust, or leave a certain blog dormant for months and months.

What’s the solution? Not sure on that one yet! I think it’s partly a mind shift – a realization that my own goals, aspirations, and health (whether physical, emotional or spiritual) are worthy of time and effort.

I think the other part of the solution is accountability. Notice how my “motivated” list items all involve other people? The “unmotivated list” are all Andrea-centric. So I’ve decided to tie one of my goals (blogging consistently) with dares to myself. I’ll be daring myself to meet goals, try new things, and have some fun along the way.

Over the next week, I am daring myself to work out each morning before I head off to work. This is a big one – I love sleep and absolutely hate to work out. So the first part of the challenge will be finding a fun workout to get me out of bed once 6am rolls around. We’ll see how this one goes!

Want to join me in this dare? Have any dares you’re working on in your own life?

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