Roadblocks and Turning the Page

In my various blogging experiments, I’ve always hit the same roadblock. The posts falter… and then they stop. Sure, life is busy but in most cases, don’t we all manipulate our schedules for something we really want to do? Coffee with a friend. The magazine that just arrived in the mail. An unexpected but welcome phone call. Or that addictive reality show promising “the most dramatic episode EVER”.

So why do I stop blogging? What roadblock am I hitting?

I always just tell part of my story – and it’s hard to constantly edit your own life. My writing is always driven by the fear of “What will people think?”

That’s not to say that I’ve got skeletons ready to burst out of the closet or that I’m throwing all discretion to the wind. It comes down to this:

An effective story is relatable.
Editing a story down to a “safe” version is not.

So here it is: I’m going to tell the story or I’m not. Period. I don’t want to water it down. Stories are for relating and growing together. So I’m going to tell my story – from the monumental to the trivial – and I hope in some small way, it will encourage you. Or at least make you laugh.

Let’s turn the page, shall we?

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One Response to Roadblocks and Turning the Page

  1. amberWIRE says:

    Ill be reading! :o)

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